Governance of Enterprise Systems

Enterprise systems are large-scale application landscapes consisting of hundreds of heterogeneous software systems. They are custom-tailored to support the specific and mission-critical business processes of a company. At the same time, they have to fulfill conflicting demands: while minimizing costs, IT solutions have to support a wide range of functionality, be highly reliable and flexible. To that end, several paradigms have been introduced over time such as Service-oriented Architectures (SOA) and Cloud Computing.

The work at DVS aims at supporting a company's IT Service Management (ITSM) in managing runtime aspects of those enterprise software systems by providing them with appropriate models and abstractions.

Focus of Enterprise Governance at DVS

Research Cooperations

Deutsche Post AG Measuring and managing the complexity of SOA for maintenance purposes
Project with SNL IT BRIEF Deutsche Post AG
ADiWa Alliance Digital Productflow Software-Cluster Software Innovation for the Digital Enterprise

Publications & Invited Talks


Managing Expectations: Runtime Negotiation of Information Quality Requirements in Event-Based Systems
Sebastian Frischbier, Peter Pietzuch, Alejandro Buchmann
12th International Conference on Service-Oriented Computing (ICSOC), November 2014
Effective Runtime Monitoring of Distributed Event-Based Enterprise Systems with ASIA
Sebastian Frischbier, Erman Turan, Michael Gesmann, Alessandro Margara, David Eyers, Patrick Eugster, Peter Pietzuch, Alejandro Buchmann
IEEE 7th International Conference on Service-Oriented Computing and Applications (SOCA), November 2014
[PDF] [BibTeX]
Erweiterbares Framework zur Ausführung von Aktionen für Event-basierte Enterprise Software Systeme unter Verwendung von Apama
Arne Stühlmeyer
TU Darmstadt in Kooperation mit Software AG Darmstadt, 2014
From Calls to Events: Architecting Future BPM Systems
Alejandro Buchmann, Stefan Appel, Tobias Freudenreich, Sebastian Frischbier, Pablo E. Guerrero
10th International Conference on Business Process Management, BPM '12, Tallinn, Estonia, Springer, September 2012
[PDF] [BibTeX]
Emergence as Competitive Advantage - Engineering Tomorrow's Enterprise Software Systems
Sebastian Frischbier, Michael Gesmann, Dirk Mayer, Andreas Roth, Christian Webel
Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS 2012), Wroclaw, Poland, ISBN 978-989-8565-12-9, July 2012
[Conference] [PDF] [BibTeX]
FIT for SOA? Introducing the F.I.T. - Metric to Optimize the Availability of Service Oriented Architectures
Sebastian Frischbier, Alejandro Buchmann, Dieter Pütz
Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Complex Systems Design & Management CSDM 2011 , Springer, December 2011
[PDF] [BibTeX]
Towards an Estimation Model for Software Maintenance Costs
Irene Buchmann, Sebastian Frischbier, Dieter Pütz
Software Maintenance and Reengineering, European Conference on , ISSN 1534-5351, IEEE Computer Society, 2011
[PDF] [BibTeX]
Aspects of Data-Intensive Cloud Computing
Sebastian Frischbier, Ilia Petrov
In Kai Sachs, Ilia Petrov, Pablo Guerrero: From Active Data Management to Event-Based Systems and More, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6462, ISBN 978-3-642-17225-0, Springer, November 2010
[PDF] [BibTeX]
Evaluating RFID Infrastructures
Sebastian Frischbier, Kai Sachs, Alejandro Buchmann
2. Workshop RFID Intelligente Funketiketten - Chancen und Herausforderungen, Erlangen, Germany, ISBN 978-3-800-72976-0, VDE Verlag, July 2006
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Invited Talks

F.I.T. for Service-oriented and Event-driven Enterprise Architectures
Sebastian Frischbier
Lecture 'Unternehmensarchitekturmanagement' (Enterprise Architecture Management), July 2014
[Website] [BibTeX]
Emergence in Enterprise Software: The Role of Event-based Systems
Sebastian Frischbier
LSDS seminar Imperial College London, November 2013
[Website] [BibTeX]
Mobility, IoT and Big Data: Challenges for Emergent Enterprise Software Systems
Sebastian Frischbier
Annual strategy meeting Deutsche Post Geschäftskundenanbindung E-Postbrief , St. Goar, Germany, March 21st 2013
Ein Schätzmodell für die Wartung selbsterstellter Software
S. Frischbier I. Buchmann
First Choice Tag - Application Service Management 6100 SNL IT BRIEF Deutsche Post AG, Dresden, September 2010
Betreibermodelle für SOA
A. Stegmeier S. Frischbier
First Choice Tag - Application Service Management 6100 SNL IT BRIEF Deutsche Post AG, Dresden, September 2010
in German
F.I.T. - Eine Komplexitätsmetrik für die Service-orientierte Architektur (SOA)
S. Frischbier
Strategietagung - Application Service Management 6100 SNL IT BRIEF Deutsche Post AG, Königstein (Taunus), February 2010
Metriken und Kennzahlen: Erfahrungen mit der Ableitung geeigneter Tools für die IT aus der First Choice (Six-Sigma)-Methodik
S. Frischbier
Strategietagung - Application Service Management 6100 SNL IT BRIEF Deutsche Post AG, St. Goar, February 2009

Completed Theses

Modeling and Checking Service Level Agreements for Service-oriented Architectures (Master's Thesis)
Julian Dean. Technische Universität Darmstadt, April 2012. In cooperation with Software AG, Darmstadt, Germany
Modell zur Schätzung korrektiver Wartungsaufwände im Umfeld der Deutschen Post AG (BSc. Thesis)
Michael Chromik. Technische Universität Darmstadt, 2010. German. In cooperation with Deutsche Post MAIL, Bonn and Chair of Information Systems (IS) Technische Universität Darmstadt.
F.I.T. für SOA? Praxinahe Voraussetzungen für eine Metrik zur Kostenkontrolle (Diploma Thesis)
Sebastian Frischbier. Technische Universität Darmstadt, June 2009. German. In cooperation with Deutsche Post MAIL, Bonn.
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