Innovative Operating System Elements

The lecture is about new concepts currently introduced to different areas of operating systems. The lectures typically start with describing the functionality of the operating system area, how the requirements for that changed in the last time and how the new elements are - or try to be - a way to solve that. The course enables the attendee to understand the new concepts which are important for larger production environments.


Schedule for the oral exam is online

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Oral Exam

NameDate and TimeRoom
Veselin Marinov27.09.2012 9:00A313
Tobias Johannes Boll27.09.2012 9:30A313
Bastian Christoph27.09.2012 10:00A313
Jan Niklas Dornbach27.09.2012 11:00A313
Andreas Freimuth27.09.2012 11:30A313
Tim Grube27.09.2012 12:00A313
Rene Herling27.09.2012 13:30A313
Kadir Inac27.09.2012 14:00A313
Todor Vanen Ivanov27.09.2012 14:30A313
Dimitrios Karousos27.09.2012 15:30A313
Jan Erik Keller27.09.2012 16:00A313
Mirko Sebastian Köhler27.09.2012 16:30A313
Bastian Alexander Laur28.09.2012 9:00E202
Shahrazad Obaid28.09.2012 9:30E202
Florian Oswald28.09.2012 10:00E202
Kang Qian28.09.2012 11:00E202


Lecture Topic Slides
1 Introduction Slides (pdf, 0.34MB)
2 Input/Output Slides (pdf, 0.25MB)
3 High Availability Slides (pdf, 0.34MB)
4 HA Cluster Technologies Slides (pdf, 0.42MB)
5 Memory Slides (pdf, 0.24MB)
6 CPU / Scheduling Slides (pdf, 0.24MB)
7 Network Slides (pdf, 0.63MB)
8 Miscellaneous Slides (pdf, 0.29MB)
9 OS Security Slides (pdf, 0.24MB)
10 Volume Management / SAN / Filesystem Aspects Slides (pdf, 0.36MB)
11 Filesystems in Detail Slides (pdf, 0.12MB)
12 Virtualization I Slides (pdf, 1.4MB)
13 Virtualization II Slides (pdf, 0.4MB)

Papers and (online) Resources


Course Information

TUCaN-Link 20-00-0477-vl
Lecture Fri 9:50-11:30
in S202 | C120
CP (SWS) 3 (2)
Language German
Exam oral exam
Office hours by arrangement


Prof. Alejandro Buchmann Ulrich Gräf Ulrich Gräf
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