Persistent Storage - Datastructures and Algorithms


Offered every winter term.

Exams: Will take place on April, 4 and April, 5 2013.
The exact date and time can be seen on the posting near the DVS rooms.


  Lecture Topic Slides
1 Introduction Slides (2.8 MB)
2 Direct Access to Data Slides (0.27 MB)
3 Virtual Memory and Caches Slides (0.27 MB)
4 Consistency Slides (0.27 MB)
5 Case Study: FAT Filesystem Slides (0.36 MB)
6 Encodings Slides (0.48 MB)
7 Case Study: Unix FS Slides (0.26 MB)


Previously existing material (from 2011, different sequence)

  Lecture Topic Slides
1 Introduction Slides (pdf, 2.7MB)
2 Direct Access Data Slides (pdf, 0.17MB)
3 Data Structures for Databases Slides (pdf, 0.19MB)
4 Unix Filesystems Slides (pdf, 0.2MB)
5 FAT Filesystem Slides (pdf, 0.23MB)
6 Codings Slides (pdf, 0.37MB)
7 UFS Details Slides (pdf, 76KB)
UFS Document (pdf, 2MB)
8 Recovery and Consistency Slides (pdf, 1.3MB)
9 ZFS Slides (pdf, 0.79MB)
10 ZFS Structures Slides (pdf, 0.2MB)
11 ZFS Administration Slides (pdf, 0.16MB)
12 DB Introduction, MySQL Slides (pdf, 0.16MB)
13 Distributed Databases and Filesystems Slides (pdf, 0.22MB)
14 Oracle DB Structures Slides (pdf, 0.37MB)
15 Overview of Material Slides (pdf, 21KB)


Course Information

TUCaN-Link -
Lecture Fri. 15:30-17:00
in S202 | C120
CP (SWS) 3 (2)
Language English
Exam oral exam
Office hours by arrangement


Prof. Alejandro Buchmann Ulrich Gräf Ulrich Gräf
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