Event Processing

Attention! This course is offered for the last time!

The exam will be offered twice thereafter (winter term 2015/2016 and summer term 2016), but the course will not be taught. After that there is no possibility to pass this course.

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Die Prüfung wird zur Wiederholung nach dem Ende des Semesters noch zwei Mal angeboten (im Wintersemester 2015/2016 und im Sommersemester 2016), aber die Vorlesung wird nicht mehr gehalten. Anschließend gibt es keine Möglichkeit mehr diese Veranstaltung zu prüfen.


Many of today's software systems heavily rely on predictable and stable information flows. Due to the digitalization of the world (e.g., proliferation of mobile gadgets and embedded devices), however, these flows become increasingly more complex and dynamic, i.e., distributed, heterogeneous and of higher volume. To cope with these challenges, tomorrow's software systems will have to become more distributed and reactive. Those distributed reactive software systems are best realized with Event-based systems (EBS).

This course aims to provide their theoretical foundations and practical use. Topics in this course include: Applications of Event-based Systems; Event Detection; Event Composition; Event Derivation; Publish/Subscribe Notification Mechanisms; Event Algebra; Event Lifecycle; Mobility; Quality of Service; and Software Engineering of Event-based systems.


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The grades for the exam can be found in TUCaN.

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Please note that slides are subject to change.

  Topic Slides
1 Intro Slides
2 Events Slides
3 Concept-based pub/sub and beyond Slides
2 Paper discussion Slides


  • From Calls to Events: Architecting Future BPM Systems
    Alejandro Buchmann, Stefan Appel, Tobias Freudenreich, Sebastian Frischbier, Pablo E. Guerrero
    10th International Conference on Business Process Management, BPM '12, Tallinn, Estonia, Springer, September 2012
  • Eventlets: Components for the Integration of Event Streams with SOA
    Stefan Appel, Sebastian Frischbier, Tobias Freudenreich, Alejandro Buchmann
    5th IEEE International Conference on Service-Oriented Computing and Applications (SOCA), Taipei, Taiwan, December 2012
  • Effective Runtime Monitoring of Distributed Event-Based Enterprise Systems with ASIA.
    Sebastian Frischbier, Erman Turan, Michael Gesmann, Alessandro Margara, David Eyers, Patrick Eugster, Peter Pietzuch, Alejandro Buchmann
    IEEE 7th International Conference on Service-Oriented Computing and Applications (SOCA), November 2014
  • Aggregation for Implicit Invocations
    Sebastian Frischbier, Alessandro Margara, Tobias Freudenreich, Patrick Eugster, David Eyers, Peter Pietzuch
    12th International Conference on Aspect-Oriented Software Development (AOSD'13), March 2013


Course Information

TUCaN-Link 20-00-0715-vl
Lecture Mon. 13:30-15:10
in S101/A3
CPs 3.0
Language English
Exam 28.09.2015
Office hours by arrangement


Prof. Alejandro Buchmann