Distributed Reactive Software Systems (DReSS)

Many of today`s software systems heavily rely on predictable and stable information flows. Due to the digitalization of the world (e.g., proliferation of mobile gadgets and embedded devices), however, these flows become increasingly more complex and dynamic, i.e., distributed, heterogeneous and of higher volume. To cope with these challenges, tomorrow`s software systems will have to become more distributed and reactive. Those Distributed Reactive Software Systems (DReSS) are best realized with Event-based systems. This course aims to provide their theoretical foundations and practical use. In the exercises, the topics of the lecture are related to relevant scientific literature in an open discussion, which helps seeing 'the bigger picture'. Furthermore, throughout the semester, students develop a working Event-based system prototype.


Due to Prof. Buchmann's sabbatical, DReSS will not be offered this term. It will be offered again next summerterm. If you are interested in the area of event processing, e.g., for a lab or thesis, you are welcome to contact us.


  Lecture Topic Slides
1 Introduction and Course Requirements Slides (pdf, 6.4MB)


  Exercise Slides Assignments

Papers and (online) Resources


Course Information

TUCaN-Link -
Lecture Wed. 08:00-09:40
in S202 | C205
Exercise Thu. 14:25-16:05
in S2 02 | C205
CP (SWS) 6 (2+2)
Language English
Exam oral exam
Office hours by arrangement


Prof. Alejandro Buchmann Stefan Appel Tobias Freudenreich Sebastian Frischbier Pablo Guerrero
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