Christian Haul

Christian Haul
Dipl. Wirtsch.-Inform., PhD student and Teaching Assistant

Projects and Research Interests

Content-Based Pub/Sub with XML
2002 -
Publish / Subscribe frequently uses topics as means for subscribers to find publishers. Another way to match interests is to use the actual content for this matching process. In conjunction with the omniscient presence of XML as data representation format, publishers announce a DTD or XML Schema to which their notifications - XML documents - will conform to while subscribers select notifications based on XPath expressions. Testing notification documents for conformance with a XPath expression profits from extending the expression with constraints contained in the document schema because non-conforming documents can be detected earlier. In addition, the techniques developed here are a building block for improving document transformation using XSLT or for converting XSLT stylesheets to STX stylesheets.
Apache Cocoon
2000 -
Apache Cocoon user and developer since summer 2000. Became committer in July 2001 and now I am member of the Project Management Committee (PMC) since its founding in 2003. Apache Cocoon is a XML and Java based publishing and application framework. It implements pipelined XML processing and excels on multi-channel publishing and separation of concerns. Main areas of my work are database connectivity with actions and the ESQL logicsheet, input modules and friends, form validation, flow and more. This work is mostly motivated from the Database Lab which uses Apache Cocoon since 2000.
2001 - 2002
TUeLIP is an consortium of European universities to develop and offer e-learning courses. We have partnered the development of an introductionary course on database systems and offered the course in 2002.
SEC://HOUSE aimed at building an infrastructure for security related information. One part is an online editorial system and database. Additional tools analyse existing computer systems and import this data into the database.
Bulk Loading
Analyse performance problems when bulk loading data into a Oracle database for a large German telephone carrier.
Seminars on database systems and unified modelling language (UML) for various clients.


  • Mariano Cilia, Ludger Fiege, Christian Haul, Andreas Zeidler, A. P. Buchmann (2003): " Looking into the Past: Enhancing Mobile Publish / Subscribe Middleware (to appear) " in: "Second International Workshop on Distributed Event-Based Systems (DEBS'03)",
  • Christian Haul, Markus Schumacher, Michael Hurler (2000): " A Survey on Vulnerability Databases "
  • Christian Haul, Stefan Voß (1998): " Using Surrogate Constraints In Genetic Algorithms for Solving Multidimensional Knapsack Problems " in: David L. Woodruff (Ed): "Advances in Computational and Stochastic Optimization, Logic Programming, and Heuristic Search", Kluwer, Boston, pp. 235 - 251
  • Carole Goble, Christian Haul, Sean Bechhofer (1996): " Describing and Classifying Multimedia using the Describtion Logic GRAIL " in: Sethi, Ramesh C. Jain (Eds): "Storage and Retrieval of Still Image and Video Databases IV", Proc. SPIE 2670, pp. 132 - 143

Student Thesises

  • Wei Shen (2001): " Adressenmanagement "
  • Markus Riehl (2000): " Innovatives Content Management mit XML "
  • B. Siedentop (2000): " Aufbau einer Datenbank zur Institutsverwaltung für Elektromechanische Konstruktionen "
  • Michael Hurler (2000): " SEC://HOUSE Ein Data Warehouse für Software-Schwachstellen "
  • Mark Poticha (1999): " Untersuchung von Datenbank-Schemaänderungen auf die Stored Procedures am Beispiel von Oracle 7.3.3 "
  • Harald Lemmin (1998): " Evaluierung von Modellierungskonzepten für ein Data Warehouse am Beispiel eines Kundenkartensystems "
  • Thomas Kamps (1997): " Anwendungsmöglichkeiten aktiver Datenbanken in CIM "


Disassembling a HP Network Scanjet 5 and installing Linux on it. The full story.



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