Completed Theses: Performance Engineering

  • Stefan Appel, MSc Thesis, Performance Analysis of Java in the Context of Virtualiztion, May 2009
  • Yves Njipwo Nguenda, MSc Thesis, Marktgetriebene Kapazitäts- und Performance-Planung am Beispiel einer Telekom-Systemkette, 2008
  • Michael Schneider, MSc Thesis, JMS-Server Benchmark mit SPECjms2007, 2008
  • Eva Twellmeyer, MSc Thesis, Modeling and Performance Evaluation of an RFID Scenario Applying EPCglobals EPCIS Architecture, 2008
  • Frank Heimburger, MSc Thesis, Performance Modeling of Java EE Applications using LQNs and QPNs, 2007
  • Stephan Butterweck, MSc Thesis, Performance Evaluation of an ECA Rule Engine on Small Devices, 2007
  • Christofer Dutz, MSc Thesis, QPME - A Graphical Editor for Modeling using Queueing Petri Nets, March 2006.
  • Samuel Kounev, PhD Thesis, Performance Engineering of Distributed Component-Based Systems - Benchmarking, Modeling and Performance Prediction, August 2005
  • Kai Sachs, MSc Thesis, Evaluation of Performance Aspects of the SAP AutoID Infrastructure, April 2005
  • Björn Weiß, MSc Thesis, Performance Optimierung von J2EE Anwendungen auf der JBoss Plattform, June 2004
  • Anja Steih, MSc Thesis, Untersuchung der Performance von J2EE-Anwendungen mittels Simulation, March 2004
  • Kai Juse, MSc Thesis, Performance von J2EE-basierten Web Services, June 2003
  • Bernhard Siedentop, MSc Thesis, Performance- und Kapazit‰tsanalyse der verteilten Webanwendung TPC-W, October 2002
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