Database Systems II

Understanding of the principles a DBMS relies on how is it implemented and optimised. The lecture deals with the internals of Database systems through the following topics:
  • DBMS Architecture
  • Storage Media and Hierarchy
  • DB Engineering Rules of Thumb
  • Buffer Management
  • Record, page, and file formats and organization
  • Access Paths and Indexing
  • Implementation of relational operators
  • Query Optimization
  • Transaction Models
  • Transaction Processing
  • Concurrency Control
  • Data Safety
  • Recovery
  • Cluster architectures e.g. RAC, Services, Oracle Streams


The Post-Exam Review will be on Mai 12th - 9:30-10:30 in S202/E302

Written exam will be on March 31st 09:00 - 11:00 in S101/A1
If our exam dates conflict with any of your other exams, we ask you to report this by email until Tuesday, 25th November 2014. Please make sure to include the conflicting lecture's full name (the other lecture, not our lecture of course), its date and time, and if possible the lecturer's name.


Lecture Topic Slides
1 Slides(preliminary) Slides WS13-14 (22.10.14)
2 Additional Slides Flash and FBARC (10.11.14)
3 Mindmap of the Course Map (FreeMind Mindmap, 32KB)


Exercise Slides Assignments
1 Orga Slides -
2 Session 1 Slides (22.10.14) Assignment
3 Session 2 Slides Assignment
4 Session 3 Slides Assignment
5 Bonus Session Indexing Slides Assignment
6 Session 4 Slides Assignment
7 Session 5 Slides Assignment
8 Session 6 Slides Assignment
9 Flashed Session Slides (Part 1) NoFTL
10 Session 7 Slides Assignment
11 Session 8 Slides Assignment

Papers and (online) Resources


  • Haerder, Rahm, "Datenbanksysteme - Konzepte und Techniken der Implementierung", Springer 1999

Course Information

TUCaN-Link 20-00-0048-iv
Lecture Mon 11:40-13:20
in S202 | C205
Exercise Wed 11:40-13:20
in S2 02 | C120
CP (SWS) 6 (2+2)
Language English
Exam Written Exam
Office hours By Arrangement
Forum D120-DB2


Prof. Alejandro Buchmann Robert Gottstein
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